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Purposely designed to promote ideas, messages, passions, visions, missions, and more, a news-zine captivates fans, followers, customers, clients, and prospects in a manner more profound and personal than social media, websites, or boring 'ol newsletters. 

All of the news-zines we create are short in length (12 or 24 pages) with quick lead times (approximately three weeks).  This ensures you or your client can easily keep publications fresh and relevant to the world around them.  And if three weeks isn't fast enough, we have rush options, too! 

Small, intimate publications are cropping up everywhere. There has never been a better time than now to give your clients, customers, fans, and followers what they want — access to you and a feeling of exclusivity.

It doesn't matter what business you are in, a completely custom news-zine is for you.  Private Label Publications is a boutique firm that is your "one stop shop"  for a high-quality publication with a sophisticated feel. 

a new spin on an old standard  




News-zines are the perfect way to showcase your business or organization — behind-the-scenes moments, upcoming events, promotions, human interest stories, tutorials, and more. 

The news-zine is your new creative oyster and, quite possibly, the beginning of a multi-media empire!


Building a Brand and Leaving a Legacy Has Never Been Easier

Who do you represent?
An artist?  actor?  Musician? celebrity?  
Small business?  Large corporation?
a non-profit or charitable organization?

No matter your client's chosen profession, chances are good there are a number of people who want a better glimpse into the lives of their favorite actors, musicians, artists, performers, personalities, athletes, and politicians (yup, even them).

Even if your client is a huge corporation or small business, they also have folks who would like to hear from them, too.

Help your client reach their employees, clients, customers, fans and followers in a manner that is uniquely them.  

Private Label Publications is proud to be a forward-thinking, creative company with a firm grasp on the importance of connection and loyalty.  it is our goal (and passion) to help your clients connect with their following on a deep and personal level.

We strongly believe in the power of storytelling — stories that have been infused with personality, style, and sophistication.  Through a collaborative effort, the publications we design are guaranteed to capture your client's vision and mission.

service first.  then sales.

If Walt Disney didn't care about the experience of his guests, would it be the multi-billion dollar company it is today?  If Subaru didn't care about the lifestyles of their customers, would have still have millions of loyal Subaru owners that stretch from generation to generation?

The most successful companies, celebrities, artists, and politicians start and end with their customers, fans, followers, and constituents.  Their priority is to provide a wonderful experience for the people who "pay their paycheck."

Today's masses are craving more.  More stories.  More engagement with the people and brands they love.  More care from their employers.  People just want more.  Period.

It's time to give everyone what they want.  It's time for your clients to reach their customers, fans, and followers on an intimate, authentic level.  

With a news-zine, your client is able to bring their personal life to fans and followers, making them feel like part of your client's inner circle without sacrificing time or privacy.

The possibilities are endless with a custom news-zine by Private Label Publications.  Not only will you and your clients be able to reach fans and followers, as their popularity grows, so will their ability to connect with the people who can further their career — jobs, endorsement deals, and more. 

We aren't talking about the kind of magazine that requires gobs of money, huge creative teams, and ridiculous amounts of time and energy spent. Leave those kinds of publications to the mega-moguls who already have their media empire.

The kind of publication we are talking about is a publication that is deeply engaging with doses of real life and personal stories centered around a single person — your client.

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